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The Center for Business Solutions: The international experts in high performance call center operations for collections, customer care and sales

Since 1994, we have helped clients build and sustain major improvements in call center performance, morale and profits, quickly bringing our expertise and experience in Best Practices and High Performance Management to:

  • Scores of clients including 15 Fortune 500 Companies in 16 countries
  • Over 200 major call centers
  • Over 3000 managers Certified in CBS Management Skills
  • Over 29,000 collectors/associates Certified in CBS Call Skills

CBS can quickly assess and quantify your opportunities, with an expert comparison to industry best in strategy, contact production, manager skills, call skills, costs and bottom line results.

We can then help you install proven practical solutions to capture and sustain your opportunities.

Quality Clients

At CBS, our goal is to prove incremental value to our clients: that may come from enhanced strategy and segmentation; improved contact rates; stronger collection skills, better conversion or resolution rates or through many other sustainable solutions. As you will see through these pages we are focused on becoming a valuable business partner, tailoring our approach to provide a solution that exactly meets your needs.

Much of our ongoing business comes from word of mouth referrals and repeat business in different areas of the same organization. This says a lot about how our clients feel about working with us.

Many of the client names you see on our site ask us to partner with them in one business line after another to help them achieve a sustainable competitive performance improvement.

Read what our clients have to say about how CBS has helped to improve their businesses.
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